“SAVE our SHELTER” follows show creator, pet-expert and founder of DOG for DOG® dog food, Rocky Kanaka, along with renovation specialist, Rob North, as they hit the road to help breathe new life into animal shelters and rescue facilities across North America. In each episode, the show’s hosts will engage the local community including volunteers, contractors and industry experts, as they revitalize rescues and shelters. The ultimate goal of “SAVE our SHELTER” is creating healthy and happy environments for pets, increasing adoptions, and saving more pets’ lives. Each episode educates audiences about pet-related topics and culminates in a big reveal. Audiences will witness heartwarming news that one or more pets have been given a forever home!

About the Hosts


Rocky Kanaka

Rocky Kanaka has always had a passion for pets and working in the pet space. It started with his company, The Dog Bakery. Through local in store events, he was awakened to the massive problem of pet homelessness in the US and he wanted to find a way to do more to give back. He started by donating proceeds from his store as well as hosting pet adoptions but the impact was just not big enough.

That’s how DOG for DOG started, as a way to give back and provide great nutrition to dogs in shelters awaiting their forever home. Every time someone buys DOG for DOG products, they donate an equal amount of food to rescues and shelters. It makes giving back part of your routine and benefits your local community.

Rocky has become a pioneer in the pet industry. As an entrepreneur, and pet expert, he is dedicated to serving pet parents that care about the health of their pets as well as shelter dogs. DOG for DOG has become more than a brand, it’s now a movement that has drawn the attention of celebrities, athletes, and influencers.

Rocky’s business acumen and dedication to dogs in need are highlighted in his new TV show, SAVE our SHELTER. In this year long national TV series, Rocky helps reform struggling rescues and shelters by coming up with innovative solutions. By highlighting these organizations and the animals they are helping, Rocky hopes to inspire the audience to join his mission to save lives and save shelters.


Rob North

Rob North, a US Marine Veteran, All–American, lovable, off the wall hunk of a carpenter has always followed his motto, “If you can’t find a way, make a way!”

After his service in the Marine Corps, Rob found several doors closed as he tried to find and make his way. It was only after someone gave him an opportunity to use his hands in a new way, did he begin his journey, which led to the birth of the “Master Craftsman” and his television career.

Rob truly carved out a niche for himself, taking the world of DIY by storm, and making home improvement affordable and accessible to all. In his projects, Rob breaks down home repairs and improvement, inspiring his audience to follow his motto, and teaches them how to make that way. Rob has built a large TV and internet based following as a finish carpenter on HGTV’s “Designed to Sell,” as a co-host on Frank Fontana’s “Down and Dirty,” and as a co-host on reality series “Skrew’d.” Rob is currently the spokesman and DIY guru for CRAFTSMAN, in which he was recently nominated for an Emmy Award for his work on “The People’s Poker Table,” a DIY video that was 100% driven by the audience. Rob is also slated to begin filming as the host of a new renovation show in the summer of 2015.

Rob’s goal is to empower his audience to “make a way,” by giving away the trade, revealing the secrets of these projects, and taking them through a step by step process unlike any other DIY method. Thousands of people have taken part in the “Hey Rob” series, where viewers get to write in and have their questions answered on air, or his project series, where lucky viewers get to come into the shop and work on their own projects alongside Rob. He shares the tricks of the trade with his viewers, as if they are his longtime friends. With this approach, Rob shows that the everyday man and woman can “think and feel like a carpenter.”

Rob is also involved in extensive community outreach and youth development both within the US and internationally. Robert has partnered with Ty Pennington for the CRAFTSMAN “Make a Difference Tour,” inspiring Americans to work with their hands, while making a difference in communities across the country. In Liberia, Africa, Rob lent support on a school building mission to B.R.I.D.G.E., a charitable organization that offers a helping hand to those in need globally. Additionally, Rob is making a difference in his own community, working with the Black Oaks Center to teach inner city youth how to hunt, fish, and live a green and eco-friendly lifestyle. Most recently, Rob launched Project Redirection, in which he mentors and cultivates leadership capacity in Chicago high school youth, teaching them how to give back to the community through the trades.

Whether he is working with his DIY audience, the community, or the youth, Rob simply has a passion for helping others find their way. As his signature closing after every project states, he’s “Rob North, and that’s how you get it done!”

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Pet Expert and founder of DOG for DOG, Rocky Kanaka and his team of experts work their tails off to help a shelter committed to saving and improving the lives of pets in their community. As work begins to expand their cramped office spaces, Rocky helps the shelter boost their social media presence to get more pets adopted and commits to finding a laid back Mini German Shepherd mix a forever home. To help save another pet’s life, a sweet, elderly woman becomes interested in adopting.

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