Hosted by Phil Torres, this series will educate and inform teens and their families about pet adoption, responsible pet ownership, and the importance of a green space for pets. Each episode, Phil will guide a family through the pet adoption process after a careful look at their unique situation to help them make an informed decision in finding the right pet for their lifestyle. While the family visits local shelters and rescues, experts revitalize their outdoor space to make a safe and eco-friendly home for their new pet. In the end, viewers will see family members overcome their disagreements and make the tough decision on which pet will join the family. Ready, Set, Pet will teach viewers that thoughtful preparation is key when learning to care for an animal’s needs.

About the Host

Phil Torres

Phil Torres

Phil Torres

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Phil Torres is a biologist with an appetite for adventure. Known for his field work in the Amazon Rainforest, Phil documents his research on his YouTube channel, “The Jungle Diaries,” and is a host of United Airlines’ show Big Metal Bird and The CW’s Ready, Set, Pet.

Growing up in Denver, Phil explored the state park behind his childhood home, which sparked a lifelong curiosity for nature and bugs. He attended Cornell University and double majored in Biology and Entomology. After college, he went to LA for a job at the California Science Center, and later moved to the Ecuadorian Amazon to manage a biological field station. A few years later he began a marketing job with one of the most remote ecolodges in Peru as their in-house scientist, which allowed him to tap into his unique knack for storytelling. After two years in Peru, Phil started his PhD at Rice University in Houston until Al Jazeera America offered him a hosting job on their TechKnow show that he couldn’t pass up. Since then, he has appeared on shows like Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, and has been published in Wired, BBC, National Geographic, WSJ, MSNBC, and more. He continues to find new ways to teach others about nature – from boot camp-style expeditions to photographing wildlife for magazines and social media. While Phil loves the rainforest, he also appreciates the energy of a bustling city; today, he lives in Brooklyn with his wife. Although a self-proclaimed science and bug nerd, he is definitely not in the classic sense: in addition to being a science trailblazer, he has also worked with brands like Wrangler and J. Crew.

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